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Not only is Bhutan perfectly real, it’s Lonely Planet’s #1 country to visit in 2020. Foreigners have only been admitted to this remote Himalayan country since 1974, and less than 72,000 international tourists (from outside South Asia) visited in 2018. That’s a fairly small number discovering what is said to be the world’s happiest nation, and the only one to measure the Gross National Happiness of its citizens

It’s hard to look at the Australian bushfires and not feel helpless. Rising global temperatures, more erratic weather conditions, unprecedented fires and floods—the world we currently live in is an unpredictable one. We cannot foresee what tomorrow will bring and that is troubling. Furthermore, we can do something surprising, but all-too-necessary in times like these: we can travel to Australia. You’re probably shocked, but it’s true.


The hills are alive, though in fairness, they were never really quiet in Austria’s musical capital. The home of Mozart and more Sound of Music tours than we can count, Salzburg remains Austria’s most popular city outside of Vienna, and tops this year’s Lonely Planet list of must-visit cities for 2020. 2020 marks 100 years of the Salzburg Festival, a must-do for any opera, classical music, or theatre fan. You can find experiences and venues to sweep you up in the magic of music all over central Europe, but in Salzburg, it’s a part of the city’s essence.


A journey into the “Stans” is no small undertaking for most western Globetrotters. Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan frequently tantalize us on social media with evocative imagery guaranteed to inspire itchy feet. These are the lands connecting Europe to Asia, geographically, culturally, and in trade, dating back centuries.

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While we’d love to explore them all in detail, here’s our take on discounts for country, and region for globetrotting in 2020.

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Embark on a Journey of Discovery Viking brings you closer to the cultures