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River and Ocean Cruise

Looking for a great cruise vacation, look no further J.D.B Travel & Tours has just what you’re looking for.

By traveling with our Ocean and River Cruise partners like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises and Celebrity Cruises, Avalon Waterways, American cruises, and Scenic cruise and tour; you will be able to travel to and capture great views of the heart of each city and village.

River cruising is a great way to relax while discovering new places; it’s like staying in a floating hotel. You can visit the places of your dreams and enjoy unobstructed views without having to leave your cabin. They offer daytime cruising; an added benefit and there is always something to see. On a river cruise, you are better able to unwind and enjoy the intimate atmosphere because most likely you will end up with an all-inclusive offer.

Nothing is more relaxing than a transpacific or transatlantic cruise. The possibilities are endless on an ocean cruise and you can be taken to fascinating countries and across mesmerizing oceans.

For the perfect river or ocean cruise, our dedicated cruise vacation organizer Rose D’Silva will find the cruise vacation just for you. You will certainly be happy with your choice; you deserve the best and Rose will work to ensure that you will have it. To start planning your next River or Ocean Cruise, call 818-834-0169 or email Rose at rosejdbtravel@msn.com.

I was very much impressed with your patience…

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the travel arrangements you did for me and my wife to Australia and New Zealand in late March and April 2014. I was very much impressed with your patience and the friendliness in which you were able to fit the days within our time constraints. Having given you the number of days we had to complete this trip and also visit three cities in just 14 days you did a fantastic job to fit the days and flight schedules we needed for each city with such short notice. The schedules were great and the ticketing and itineraries were very well planned and booked. We did not have to do any confirmation calls to the airlines in advance , we just went there on the time and days of our flight and went through the process without any issues. We were also impressed at the way you advised us and handled our inter-city flights within Australia . We had no problem with our baggage on these flights because the set up you did allowed us to take all our International luggage privileges.Thank you and we look forward to call you for our next vacation, cruise or flights.

Joe Bali
Trip to Australia