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Romance Travel

Welcome to Romance Travel by J.D.B Travel & Tours.

Congratulations on finding the love of your life, now you have found the California based Romance Travel adviser who will coordinate your ideal romantic getaway!

Imagine taking a long walk on the beach, watching the sunset, dining by candlelight with soft music when you escape to Bora Bora; the gem of the South Sea. We can see you doing it and we are prepared to take you there. Just ask Rose, an experienced romance travel adviser serving Arleta, California and the nation.

For all your romance travel needs, be it a couples retreat, destination wedding, and honeymoon, J.D.B Travel & Tours can do it all. At J.D.B Travel & Tours, our mission is to obtain the best in quality, price, and experience to meet the expectations of all of our clients. Serving the California area and the rest of the country, J.D.B Travel & Tours is ready to take you to your heart’s desire. Our expert Rose D’Silva at J.D.B Travel & Tours will ensure that your travel plans and needs suit you.

To start planning your next Romance Travel, call 818-834-0169 or email Rose at rosejdbtravel@msn.com.